Display daily salah, sehri and iftar times for your precise GPS location on your mobile phone.

Do you know there are three specific times in a day, for a total of ~23 minutes, when sajda (prostration) is forbidden, according to Islamic Shariah?

  1. This global mobile app displays salah times for your location, adjustable to the maslak you follow, and alerts you when it’s forbidden to pray in your area. Your cellphone screen will become red during that time. It will turn yellow as a warning that forbidden time is closely approaching within 5 minutes. At other times, it will remain green, signaling that you can pray as usual
  2. It's free to download and use.  The optional in-app purchase of GPS-precision costs $2, however, 50% of proceeds will go towards humanitarian causes insha’Allah
  3. You will also be reviving a sunnah of Prophet Muhammed salallahu alaihee wassalam [Bukhari:548, Muslim:1371 & 1373]

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