AikalTech is dedicated and well-equipped to develop user-friendly, mobile applications to serve your needs. In line with our flagship application, delaySAJDA, these tools are geared towards using your mobile phone to its full potential.

With 30+ years of computer industry experience, Jawed Aikal, chief software engineer and architect, has the niche and industry know-how of what is required and how to deliver it. Jawed is a Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate of the City University of New York and completed his post-graduate Master's degree in Computer Science at New York Institute of Technology. This level of formal education, along with continual certifications and coursework, augmented by computer industry work experience has provided Jawed with the ability to analyze challenges and devise optimum resolutions.

Under his guidance and abilities, AikalTech continues to deliver mobile solutions to benefit users worldwide.

Want to know more about our business and the services we offer? Use this website and Facebook page to get detailed information about us and meet our dedicated staff members. We're looking forward to working with you.

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